We help every student shine!

At St Bernadette's, we believe it is important for students to pursue interests to find what they are passionate about. We give them exposure to a range of exciting opportunities to unlock their creative potential, develop a talent or follow a passion.

We help every student shine!

Students are encouraged to explore their interest at St Bernadete's Castle Hill

Creative and Performing Arts

We encourage our students to explore their passions and talents. We have a range of opportunities available for students to participate in creative and performing arts activities and programs such as music, drama and dance.

Creative and Performing Arts

Dance Fever at St Bernadette's Castle Hill

School Sport

Sport at St Bernadette's Primary Castle Hill

Sport is a valued part of a school’s curriculum, contributing to the development of the whole child by providing opportunities for social, physical, emotional and moral learning. Participation, enjoyment and skill development are the cornerstones of school sport.

St Bernadette's holds three major school sports carnivals each year - Cross Country (Term 1), Athletics (Term 2) and Swimming (Term 4). At each of these there is the opportunity for those students who excel to represent the school at the Zone level. Students in Years 3-6 are also given opportunities to participate in invitational carnivals, knock-outs and Gala days for a variety of sports.

Motiv8 Sports is offered each term for all students, one afternoon a week, for an additional cost. Run by external professional coaches, this program provides a range of fun, educational activities that help build teamwork and physical skills and promote good sportsmanship.

Representative pathways are also available through the Parramatta Diocese Catholic Primary School Sports Council.

Learn about Representative Sport

Social Justice

Our students are offered a wide variety of local community activities to help develop a sense of pride, respect and responsibility for themselves and others. St Bernadette's has been involved with St Vincent de Paul, Caritas and Catholic Mission. Our Years 3-6 students are able to be part of Mini Vinnies, and have made meaningful contributions to major projects such as collecting donations for oral health in the Philippines, and a plastic bottle top drive for Envision Hands who make prosthetic limbs for children.

This positive participation and actions can be seen in how we interact and learn with one another, work collaboratively and take ownership of our behaviour as well as active involvement in faith-based experiences.

Social Justice

Social Justice initiatives at St Bernadette's Castle Hill

Camps, Retreats and Excursions

Every student loves to get out of the classroom and explore.

Our students benefit greatly from school trips where they are able to observe new things not available at school such as rare and exotic wildlife and plants, different cultures and the stories of our history. These experiences lead to deeper understanding of learning subjects.

Camps and retreats are also wonderful opportunities for students to develop independence, grow in faith, form strong friendships and make life-long memories!

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School Celebrations
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Mini Vinnies

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