Student Wellbeing

At St Bernadette's Primary, respect and dignity are the basis of all our interactions, and we try to create an environment of genuine care and concern for one another.

Significant time is devoted to building relationships with others and as a result, the strong sense of community at St Bernadette's Primary promotes a sense of belonging and identity for parents, teachers and especially the children. We prioritise the welling of our students and have a coordinator to oversee the school-wide development of policies and procedures with regard to student management and overall pastoral care.

Pastoral Care

As part of our holistic approach to education, we are committed to all aspects of our students’ wellbeing and development, and we ensure we provide the appropriate support. Our teachers make sure they are aware of what their students need. In addition, our school counsellor assists children and families experiencing difficulties. Teachers and parents benefit from this vital program of support. The counsellor has been available one day per week.

Our buddy system is a vital part of both student development and support, providing encouragement to students across the school.

We also promote self-esteem and affirm students in their learning with our comprehensive system of certificates and awards. Many opportunities are created to recognise and acknowledge the students, with whole school assemblies being a particular focus of affirmation for students' efforts and achievements. We celebrate the success of all students in whatever form it may come.

Student Management

We aim to provide a safe and secure learning environment which is based on both trust and respect. We address cyber safety, resilience and anti-bullying among other important issues, and conduct an annual safety audit that gives students the chance to voice their experiences and understanding of school relationships. Features of our Student Management Policy include:

  • a focus on the positive behaviours of students as well as behaviour that needs to be addressed
  • the belief that every person in the community, especially the student, has the right to feel safe and the right to learn
  • a Kindergarten to Year 6 Social Skills program to assist the students' growth in this area.

Our policy incorporates the principles of procedural fairness which means students are treated in a fair and just manner. Students are given the opportunity to respond to any allegations and kept informed of the procedures. For a copy of this policy please contact the school office.

Kindergarten Transition

This involves a series of meetings with parents and school visits for children the year before they attend St Bernadette's. This builds familiarity and confidence as the new students interact with one another and their new teachers. It has proven very successful in preparing the children for their first year in primary school.

Learning Support

Our Learning Support team works in conjunction with the class teacher to support the particular learning needs of some students. Learning Support can happen within the classroom context, in small groups or in one-to-one experiences. Learning Support programmes emphasise Literacy, Numeracy, Social Skills, and Study Skills.

St Bernadette’s Primary is committed to keeping our students safe at school and we adhere to the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards and support the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. A range of checks and undertakings are required for people who work for or provide services to the school. These checks reduce potential risk and form part of the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP) strategy to build child safe communities.


Our students feel safe, happy and cared for

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